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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yooristic?

Yooristic is a web based portal that offers unique and simple
social tools that help deepen interpersonal relationships.

What are the benefits of using Yooristic?

  1. Increase your personal knowledge of yourself so you feel more confident.
  2. Get inside information into what type of people your friends really are by what they say.
  3. Learn the points where your relationships are the strongest and the weakest.
  4. Predict possible future behaviors of your friends that may help or hurt the health of your relationships.

Go beyond just connecting to your friends, start to understand your friends.

Also at Yooristic

The starting point of The Human Relationship Genome Project™, a far reaching, large scope project with the following goals:
  1. Identify the basic building blocks of human relationships.
  2. Map how each is used to build all types of relationships.
  3. Finally, to develop inovative ways to build better relationships with what is learned

Lastly, Yooristic is a Think Tank for designing, developing, and bringing to the the public new social tools that encourage people to build real time, real world human relationships; with the help of online applications.

Currently Yooristic has the following tools available.

  • Mini Accounts/Mini Profiles
    1. Easy 1 minute setup.
    2. No email required.
    3. Privacy controls.
    4. Get unrestricted access to The Card Factory
    5. Mini Accounts come with a public profile that you customize.
    6. Get a Mini Account right now.
  • Card Codes/Secret Codes
    1. Private messages that are unlocked only by the recipient.
    2. Perfect social "ice breaker" tool.
    3. Design and print "business" cards for any occasion, subject or need.
    4. Not just for business but also for any social occasion. Flirting, perhaps?
    5. Print anytime and anywhere. Note: printer required.
    6. See an example.
  • Yoo Profiles
    1. In depth relationship diary.
    2. Make deposits into your personal Emotional Reserve Bank
    3. Learn what your friends are really thinking and feeling.
    4. Archive your relevant messages and learn what they mean.
    5. Register Now
  • Social Advice
    1. Easy question and answer tests that give good feeback.
    2. Get interesting advice for certain social questions.
    3. Using a complex algorithm, the answer you get greatly depends on how you answer.
    4. No personaly identifiable information needed to get advice.
    5. Try a widget!
Let's look at each social tool individually and explain a little more.

Mini Accounts/Mini Profiles

Simple to create, easy to use, and your personal information is NOT needed to set it up.

What are the benefits?

  • No need to reveal your personal information to the world.
  • Still very personal; you get an inbox, mini profile, and access to tracking information.
  • Make as many as you need.
  • Use it for advertising your projects, news, updates to a choice few that you invite.
  • Messages and cards you create are considered private and exclusive, which increases the value of your cards.

Card Codes/Secret Codes

Card codes unlock secret messages connected to someone's profile.

What are the benefits?

  • Cards are fun to make.
  • Each card code is unique.
  • Each card gets its own secret message that can be unlocked.
  • As a social tool, cards can be great ice breakers because they are interesting.
  • Makes the person getting your card feel special.
  • In business, card codes can supplement standard business cards, making you memorable.

Here's a working example of a Card Code and Secret Message.

Try it.


Only someone with your Card Code can access your profile and your Secret Message. So your cards are very exclusive.

Ok, here's some examples of the card designs you get when you sign up:

  • An example of a Card Factory design.
  • Another example of a Card Facory design.

Yoo Profiles

This is a profile that considers everything you say to your friends as relevant and significant and PRIVATE.

What are the benefits?

  • Connect privately, your conversations are never revealed to others; even within your own inner circle.
  • Profiles and conversations cannot be found by online searching so this protects your journal from prying eyes.
  • Just by connecting to people you signal to them they are considered significant to you.
  • Learn how to predict when something is good or bad for your relationship.
  • Understand where you are strongest and weakest when it comes to each of your friends.
  • Create a relationship journal that can reveal inside information about your friends.
  • Kid safe because they cannot be found by searching or creeping.

Assorted Other Questions

Isn't this just another dumb social networking site?

No. Yooristic is striving to educate its members on how to build stronger relationships. With education comes the feeling of more control in their lives.

In order to do that we shifted the focus from 'how many friends can I have' to 'the friends I do have deserve more attention and support'.

In some areas Yooristic might use certain 'social networking' concepts because it's been proven to work to get people talking. If something works you don't change it. Though you can and should improve on it.

The site is smart because it's powered by the members. It's unique because each relationship is unique. It's powerful because it puts the power to make significant change back into everyones hands.

I can handle some more detail. Why is this site different?

Studies show that a person most likely cannot have meaningful, stable relationships with more than 150 different people (Dunbar‘s Number). Some even feel that number is too high and it's closer to about 15 people. I agree.

Yooristic is different because the focus is ONLY on those 15 or so people in your life that make the biggest difference.

A short history of how we lost the ability to really connect.

When the telephone was invented it created a different type of social networking paradigm. It's called One-to-One networking. You pick up the phone, dial a specific number and get a specific person who you proceed to talk for hours about stuff that matters to you both.

Then came the radio. This created what's called a One-to-Many network. This meant that one source could broadcast to many listeners.
This was an improvement in getting much needed information out to many without a lot of duplication at the source.

Now we have the internet. It influences almost every facet of our daily lives.
And with social networking the Many-to-Many networking concept was actualized. This is a great forward leap for being able to get many people talking to many people with no centralized source. Of course that's a good thing until...

People started wondering where that old style one-to-one relationship went. It's alive and well in here.
It's the driving idea behind Yooristic. Back in the old relationships were how humans first formed social groups, then villages, then communities. Everyone knowing everyone and every single member was important. This is a strength about people that the internet has hardly tried to foster.

The other sites are great at what they do. Yooristic wants to be great at this.

What is a Yooristic Profile?

  • A Yooristic Profile is quiet place for you and your friends. It's about stopping (or slowing) the tidal wave of irrelevant, meaningless, and superficial messages.

    I also call Yooristic Profiles "Yoo Profiles". It's a play on words that means the Yoo Profile is ONLY about what is significant and relevant to you. Yooristic cuts through the clutter to find the deeper goodness in all relationships.

    Yoo Profiles connect you to your most significant relationships and give you a powerful diary of what you and your friends consider important.

What's the difference between Mini Accounts and Yooristic Profiles?

  • A Mini Account all about designing, printing, and giving cards. No need to register. Consider Yooristic on a trial basis. No charge. No obligation. No personal information required. A free Mini Profile comes with each Mini Account.

  • I call Yooristic Profiles "Yoo Profiles" because they are designed to focus you completely on your most Significant realtionships. They connect you to your most significant relationships and give you a powerful diary of what your friends consider important.

What is that spider thread looking thingie near the top of the page?

That is a sylized image of a neuron.

Neurons are the main connections inside a brain that makes something like heuristics possible.