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  1. How do I make a new card in the Card Factory?

    Ah yes, I can help you with that.

    1. First off, don't panic! Take a deep breath.
    2. Most people get stuck after they write a message. Next, you gotta choose a card design by clicking on the little round dot next to a card image.
    3. After that, you gotta click the update button.
    4. Look at your new card! It's gorgeous but all your text might be in a group in the top left corner.
    5. Use your mouse and move the text around. It's pretty slick and easy! Try it now.
    6. That's it! You did it! If you're happy with your design, save your card by clicking the save this one button.

    Remember, these are NOT E-Cards. Your ultimate goal is to print your cards from a printer and physically give them to people!

    Here are more detailed instructions...

    You should see a brief set of 4 instructions telling you how to start making cards. You can follow those instructions or these instructions. One thing you must really make sure of is that you have a Card Design chosen before you update your screen. The card design you choose should appear right below the Card Factory instructions.

    After you've updated your card window, you'll see a group of letters in the top left corner of your card. Put your mouse arrow over that group of letters and you should see the arrow turn into a multidirectional arrow. That means you can move your text around and put it anywhere on the card! Pretty slick!

    Make sure you keep pressing the 'update' button so your changes are saved each time. Your new card will not be permanently saved when you press the 'update' button but your layout will be saved onto your computer using cookies.

    After you're completely done designing your card, click the 'save this one' button and that will permanently save your card, sending it to our database and puttng your Card Code into the system. You can track your new card by clicking the link 'Track a Card'.

  2. What is a Card Code and where do I find it?

    A Card Code is a 15 character code that is usually found on a printed card made by a member who has a Mini Account with us.

    They used our innovative Card Factory.

    The Card Code looks similar to this one: 3X0A9ETO1.
    Since each member created card is unique, the Card Code can be located anywhere on the printed card you might have received. Part of the fun is looking forward to the discovery of what your particular card is all about!

  3. How do I send the Card Code to someone?

    There are several different ways to send your Card Code to someone.

    You can print out a sheet of cards and just pass out your new cards. Each card will have the Card Code printed on them. You can send the Card Code using our automatic email system. You just enter the email address of the person you want to recieve the Card Code and Yooristic will do all the work of making the message they receive look good.

    Next, you can send the Card Code through text message. Just type in the Card Code and send the message to one of your contacts in your phone.

    We'll be introducing an Automatic CardText Message service that will make it quick and easy to send your Card Code through text messaging. That'll be in a future version of Yooristic. Any text message charges your service provider requires will apply.

  4. What is a Profile Number and how do I use it?

    A Profile Number is a unique 8 digit number that always ends in 2 capital letters.

    You will only receive a Profile Number once you register with Yooristic and provide Yooristic with your email address.

    You use your profile number to connect with other profiles on Yooristic. You can ONLY connect to profiles that you have a valid Profile Number for, and all requests must always be approved.

    This ensures that the community stays safe for anyone who wishes to use it. Your profile is ALWAYS safe from prying eyes.

  5. Where do I put my friends Profile Number?

    Your friends Profile Number is entered in the "Add a Friend" box after you sign into your Yoo profile.

    You can get there quickly by clicking the Add a Friend link on your profile navigation area. It's located right under your profile number on your main profile screen.

  6. How do I say something 'significant'? What does that mean?

    Anything you say can be significant, to someone who cares about you.

    That's the idea behind this website. It's kind of like an online diary that you start with important people in your life.

    Just as a few examples, talk about the things that interest you.

    If you like Action Movies, tell someone you think might want to know that about you. If you like pink roses instead of red ones, tell someone! If someone gave you just the right kind of massage (or the wrong kind), tell them. The examples are endless and unique to each relationship. You may tell your girlfriend (or boyfriend) that you like french kissing but you might not tell your mom (or dad) that same thing.

    What you ultimately say depends entirely on the particular relationship you're in.

  7. What's the difference between a Card Code and a Profile Number?

    A Card Code is usually PRINTED on member created social cards.

    1 Card Code connects to 1 Mini Profile.

    The Card Code usually can be any order of letters or numbers and is usually about 15 characters long.

    Here is a working Card Code example (click this number): 3X0A9ETO1

    A Profile Number is your Yoo Profile ID.

    A profile number is shorter, starts with a number and always ends with 2 capital letters.
    Example Profile Number: 123456RT

  8. How do ratings work?

    Ratings are visual clues to how negative or positive a message might be.

    Ratings are based on a points system.

    The upper and lower limit is +99 to -99, respectively. You decide how much the message you're sending will influence your relationship.

    Positively or Negatively.

    1. If you feel the message you're sending is positive, choose the green arrow that's pointing upwards.
    2. Then decide how valuable (or influential) you want the message to be.
    3. A higher positive number will increase the overall positivity of your relationship.
    4. The opposite is also true for negative messages and numbers.

    If the message is slightly positive, you can attach a smaller positive number. If you feel the message is really, REALLY positive you can attach a much higher positive number. And vice versa with negative points.

    The rating system will directly influence your Emotional Reserve Bank Account status. So make it a point to rate your messages accurately to how you feel.

    The Emotional Reserve Bank will offer special Real Deals that can help build a stronger relationship between you and your friends. Like free movie tickets, discounts on stuff in the real world.


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