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The following businesses, organizations, and people provide such high levels of value to their customers that I decided to partner with them.

I believe in the ethical use of information and technology. I do all I can to support our partners.

  • Resolve Theft

    We are the Bay Area's #1 Loss Prevention resource for small businesses. We currently support a number of small business with various aspects of shortage control. Your business will benefit from the extensive experience our coaches have from such retailers as Food 4 Less, Marshalls, Mervyns, Sears, Old Navy and Home Depot. You will feel like you have the personalized support you need, when you need it. Owning a small business is not easy. Owners are often hesitant to deal with Theft, Shortage and Accidents ...

Please read their Policies and Terms of Use for yourself as each partner has their own way of doing things. Yooristic is not responsible for its use.